October is Diaper Need Awareness Month 

A lack of diapers poses a real problem for children and their families. It is a problem that is often overlooked- even though it is a basic need. 
Did you know…
  • 1 in 3 families lack access to clean diapers
  • 2 million Texas children live in poverty- and we tend to overlook the critical hardship that affects those families: Diapers
  • Babies use 6-12 diapers daily – a $125/month cost to families
Why donate diapers?
  • A lack of diapers leads to maternal and family stress and depression
  • Diapers help a family return to the workforce- helping to end the cycle of poverty
  • Diapers allow children to attend school.
  • Diapers provide healthy living options.
  • Diapers let children enroll in daycare.

C’mon San Anton!  It’s time for a change in diapering. Here is a great rainy day and EVERYDAY project for us!


Head to Target, HEB, Walmart, etc. and grab a package or two (or ten) of diapers and watch how a small compassionate action makes a HUGE impact in the life of a family in your city or neighborhood.


Here are TWO places to donate and TWO more ways to take action:

1. Volunteer at or donate to the Texas Diaper Bank

5415 Bandera Rd. #504
San Antonio, TX 7823    210.731.8118

Walk-in Hours: Mon-Thur 8am-5pm Fri-Sat 8am-12pm

2. Donate diapers to your closest local food pantry and/or clothing closet

3. Organize a monthly Diaper Drive in your congregation or organization

4. Give diapers to a neighbor or friend in need



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