A father and his daughter were playing in the park.  His young daughter spotted an apple vendor.  She asked her father to buy her an apple.  Father didn’t bring much money with him, but it was enough to purchase two apple.  So, he bought two apples and gave them both to his daughter.

The girl held one apple each in her two hands.  The father asked her if she can share one apple with him.  Upon hearing this, his daughter quickly took a bite from one apple.  And before her father could speak, she also took a bite from the second apple.

The father was surprised.  He wondered: what mistake he made raising her daughter that she acted in such a greedy way?

And suddenly his daughter with an apple in her one hand  said, “Father have this one, this one is much juicier and sweeter”.  Her father was speechless.  His smile came back now knowing why his daughter quickly took a bite from each apple.

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