…arriving at the Bus Terminal or Airport as part of a large group, mostly women and children – just like you.  You are on your way to be reunited with loved ones and you have a long journey ahead of you.

…and a kind stranger gives you a backpack.  You open it to find supplies you will need for your journey.  A handful of small, but essential items that will go a long way to helping you on your travels.


This happens every day

Want to be a part of it?


Families of immigrants and refugees, mostly mothers and children, make their way through the San Antonio Greyhound Bus Terminal and International Airport every day. Many have escaped violence in their lives and experienced assaults during their journey.

Upon arrival at the bus station and airport, families seeking asylum have no money, food, water, or supplies to provide comfort on their journey. These families are welcomed by the Interfaith Welcome Coalition volunteers. Volunteers provide warmth and welcome and explain the travel process. Backpacks and a box lunch are provided before departure.


Will you help us with backpacks?


Please help provide families with basic supplies as they begin their long journey to their sponsors and to reunite with loved ones around the United States. Supplies for each family cost between $12 and $25.

Contact Linda Lowman ( to learn how your group can help donate and assemble backpacks for this vital ministry.  Spanish and English-speaking volunteers are needed to staff both ministries

This is a great volunteer opportunity for families and youth in your congregations/organizations!

To receive alerts for how you can take action to help your neighbors – text Compassion to 55000.

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