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Seen on KSAT 12, 7 February, 2019
Special-needs children thrive at Kinetic Kids
Program provides recreational, sporting activities for kids.

Read in the Express-News, 7 February, 2018
Why black women are more at risk of death related to childbirth
Last year, San Antonio health officials launched a task force that followed a state-level effort to address why more mothers are dying within a year of childbirth,

Found on FOlo Media, 7 February, 2018
San Antonio is on pace to fill its affordable housing gap … by 2294
People are (saying) that we’re heartless just because we’re concerned what will happen when you juxtaposition apartments with single dwelling homes. We’re not heartless. We want people to have housing.

Seen in Folo Media, 7 February, 2018
Caught between a car and a slow pace
In 2012, with support from organizations such as Texas Appleseed, San Antonio passed an ordinance to provide consumer protections for potential victims of auto title lending, many of which often saw APR’s exceeding 500 percent.


Seen on Kens 5, 7 February, 2018
Convicts speak to students at O’Connor High School
The three inmates that spoke are considered “trustees” and are part of a statewide program. They tour different schools in the area to talk to students about the reality of making poor choices.

Seen on KSAT 12, 7 February, 2018
Experts on loan at the University of the Incarnate Word for Human Library event
The goal is to start conversation and change prejudices through dialogue.

Seen on KENS 5, 8 February, 2018
Houston honors SA sanitation workers who helped after Harvey
Thankful to the Department of Solid Waste Management employees who traveled to Houston for 30 days to help clear 20,000 tons of debris over the course of 30 days.

Seen in the Express-News, 8 February, 2018
Mennonites select their first African American leader
[Glen Alexander] Guyton is a member of the San Antonio Mennonite Church, a Southtown congregation that played a central role in aiding immigrant mothers and children after mass releases from two South Texas detention centers in 2016 overwhelmed city charities.

Read in the Express-news, 4 February, 2018
One of S.A.’s keys to success — ethics
Companies engage in lower levels of fraudulent activity when they are headquartered in cities where the residents identify as more focused on personal ethics.

Seen on KENS 5, 9 February, 2018
Community holds vigil outside home where 14-year-old was shot and killed
“We need to come together, do a better job of coming together with law enforcement and politicians and with people who really care.”

Seen on FOLO Media, 9 February, 2018
All stressed out and no where to go
“Where are we going to live?” Soto asked at the meeting. “Where will we end up as human beings?”

Heard o n Texas Public Radio, 9 February, 2018
Billboards Throughout San Antonio Urge Army To End Use Of Animals In Medic Training
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine supports the BEST Practices Act, a bill that would give the military a timeline for phasing out live-tissue training.

Seen on KSAT 12, 9 February, 2018
Volunteers wanted for SA Tricentennial community service day
‘Serve 300 SA’ event focuses on San Antonio infrastructure improvements.

Seen on Fox 29, 9 February, 2018
San Antonio International Airport works to eliminate germs during flu outbreak
“There are thousands of people that circulate and we’re doing all we can to help protect them.”

Seen on News4SA, 9 February, 2018
Mario Salas using own history to reach young people
Salas says he hopes to continue making a difference in the lives of young people, and offer perspective of the past to help positively impact their future.

Seen in the Faith Section, Express-News, 11 February, 2018
LDS Church provides 17 tons of coats, blankets to Haven for Hope
The Church had sent an entire 50-foot tractor-trailer full of blankets, winter coats and warm clothing from their disaster relief warehouse.

Seen on KENS 5, 11 February, 2018
Volunteers give Salado Wilderness Area a makeover
The 40 or so spirited workers trimmed trees and moved brush so that the pathways around the parcel will offer safe passage for the youngsters who use the resource for equine therapy.

Seen on KSAT 12, 10 February, 2018
Neighbors organize plate sale for grieving family of 14-year-old killed in West Side shooting
Deborah Tovar organized a plate sale to help the family with funeral expenses.

Also seen on Fox 29, 10 February, 2018
Community rallies for family after the loss of their child
Be strong for each other, the words echoed by those filling the streets the remember Angel Gebara, the 14-year-old boy shot and killed when hit by a stray bullet.

Seen in the Express-News, 11 February, 2019
Meet the Super Chikis, the new super girls from San Antonio
“Pretty much the idea was trying to educate kids on those concepts of diversity and tolerance and inclusion.”

Seen on KENS 5, 12 February, 2018
Rodeo:Tacos for tuition
Fair food, as well as chicken and beef fajita tacos, have helped raise $3 million over the years.

Seen on Fox 29, 12 February, 2018
Treatment center unveils newly-remodeled home for women
The renovations at the non-profit, which provides treatment for women with substance abuse, were made possible through a grant from Impact San Antonio.

Seen on Fox 29, 12 February, 2018
Salvation Army provides service to seniors
Brad Mayhar and Adi Lopez of the Salvation Army discussed the Salvation Army’s Senior Services Program.

Seen on Fox 29, 12 February, 2018
Local leaders hold luncheon to find solutions for child abuse, neglect in Bexar County
Everyone has a part in solving these cases.

Found in the Rivard Report, 13 February, 2018
Making Knowledge an Open Book with No-Cost Educational Resources
To create the San Antonio we want – the city we deserve – the community must work hard to change institutional cultures, innovate, build infrastructure, and remove artificial barriers to its goals.

Found on the National Conference of Mayors web site, 13 February, 2018
Over 160 Mayors to Secretary of Commerce Ross: Don’t Undercut Cities – Work with Us to Ensure U.S. Cities Are Treated Fairly in the 2020 Census
Everyone counts. Mayor Nirenberg signed this letter.

Found on the UTSA web site, 8 February, 2018
UTSA, San Antonio Express-News to discuss #MeToo movement at Feb. 15 town hall meeting
7 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 15 in the Buena Vista Street Building Theater (BVB 1.326) at the UTSA Downtown Campus. The event, #MeToo: Where do we go from here?, is free and open to the public.

Seen on Univision 41, 13 February 2018
Mi sueño está en peligro: la estudiante de UTSA Andrea Ramos Fernández [My dream is in danger: the UTSA student Andrea Ramos Fernández]
Esta dreamer proveniente de la Ciudad de México llegó al país en busca de seguridad y una nueva oportunidad. Ahora, su futuro está en peligro ante la posible eliminación de DACA y la terminación de su visa de trabajo. [This dreamer from Mexico City was brought to the country in search of security and a new opportunity. Now, her future is in danger before the possible elimination of DACA and the termination of her work visa.]

Found on the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship web site, 13 February, 2018
Coming Home: Effectively Ending Veteran Homelessness in San Antonio
Vote for the USAA entry in the Boston College International Corporate Citizenship Film Festival.

Found in Out in SA, 13 February, 2018
Activist’s Charity Birthday Party Marks Eighth Year
“I don’t need or want anything,”she says. “So if we are going to gather around for a birthday party, let’s make it beneficial for folks who really need something.”

Seen on KSAT 12, 13 February, 2018
Popovich comments on importance of Black History Month: ‘We live in a racist country’
“We have a lot of work to do.”

Seen on KSAT 12, 13 February, 2018
San Antonio Zoo adopts two elephants
The bond that has formed between the elephants enhances their quality of life.

Read in the Express-News, 13 February, 2018
County takes a step forward on finding affordable housing fix
They brought forth a wide range of issues, from the county’s high level of economic segregation to its rising home prices and low rate of home ownership.

Also seen on KSAT 12, 13 February, 2018
Bexar County tackles affordable housing crisis
Commissioners vote to hire consultant for housing study

Also seen on Fox 29, 13 February, 2018
Bexar Co. Commissioners to hire consultant to help address housing crisis
“The intersection of housing, education and job training are really critical in terms of turning around our poverty and chronic neighborhood issues,” said Precinct 4 Commissioner Tommy Calvert.

Seen in the Express-News, 13 February, 2018
Youth summit embraces urban waters
Aside from helping science and engineering students build confidence and hone skills, the summit prepares them to be good environmental stewards, Gonzalez said.

Also seen on KSAT 12, 13 February, 2018
San Antonio students learn about future of city’s water

Heard on Texas Public Radio, 13 February, 2018
‘Skin In The Game’: San Antonio City Council Asks Local Schools How It Can Help Lobby State
SAISD Superintendent Martinez also wants the state to study how much it takes to fully fund education and increase the amount of money that goes to education to reflect that study.

Also heard on WOAI News Radio, 13 February, 2018
For the First Time, City Will Lobby Legislature on School Funding Issues
“It is the unspoken truth that until the Legislature gets serious about tackling the issue of school finance, we won’t begin to address the concerns that they have about property tax,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said.

Seen on KSAT 12, 14 February, 2018
Community members block walk on West Side to raise awareness, end violence
“It needs to end. This is enough.”

Read in Local Community News, 13 February, 2018
Remember the Woolworth
In 2016 the structure was named to the “Most Endangered Places” list compiled by Preservation Texas, largely due to its legendary place in civil-rights annals: the first voluntarily integrated lunch counter in the South.

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