Students from Summer of Service volunteered at the SAMM donation center Saturday, learning how to do inventory, customer service skills, and teamwork and communication skills, while helping out a great cause. Each Wednesday #compassionateSA brings you this weekly news roundup.

Found in the Rivard Report, 16 May, 2018
VIA Reports Increased Ridership on Improved Bus Routes
“The question that residents had when they were riding [these routes] was, what can we do to fix the problem I have when I transfer one route, miss [a bus] by a few minutes and I know the next one isn’t coming for 40 minutes and that throws off my entire schedule?”

Found on KSAT 12, 16 May, 2018
Love for pets, science leads high school senior to develop treatment for pet poisoning
“I would love to see that my project is making a difference,” she said.

Seen on FOX 29, 16 May, 2018
Pedestrian deaths in San Antonio on the decline
The city has allocated millions of dollars for improved lighting, more mid-block cross walks, and crossing islands.

Heard on Texas Public Radio, 16 May, 2018
San Antonio Students Recall How They Walked Out On School Inequality
“It may not be us. It may not be in our time. But it could happen that every school would have the same kind of facility, every child, no matter what your zip code was, would have the same kind of facility and learning environment in the state of Texas.”

Read in the Express-News, 17 May, 2018
Expressing the turmoil of schizophrenia through ballet
“Above all, I wanted to portray (mental illness) respectfully.”

Seen on FOX 29, 17 May, 2018
Needle exchange program aims to reduce HIV in Bexar County
Are we enabling? No. They are going to use drugs, they are going to use needles, the question is whether it’s a clean needle or it’s a dirty needle.”

Seen on the Express-News, 17 May, 2018
Nate Boyer: The warrior wants peace
Former Green Beret, Grand Marshal of Saturday’s Armed Forces River Parade: “We have to respect differences because we’re put into intense situations in the military, and we have to get along with each other.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 19 May, 2018
Helping Students Gain Emotional Intelligence During ‘Tiger Time’
“Through lessons like the ones during Tiger Time, I address the social-emotional needs of our learning community and build students’ capacity to face challenges.”

Seen on Spectrum News, 19 May, 2018
Conference aims to educate, assist Latinos affected by AIDS, HIV
More 450 people from all across the U.S. are in San Antonio to learn and share experiences.

Seen on KENS 5, 18 May, 2018
Trash bag challenge brings awareness to National Foster Month
The challenge serves as a reminder that foster kids often have to struggle with moves and can only put their few valuables in a bag.

Seen on KENS 5, 18 May, 2018
Haven for Hope celebrates people transitioning from homelessness
Nearly 100 people who were once homeless returned to Haven for Hope on Saturday for a ceremony celebrating their transformation from homeless to independent living.

Seen on KSAT 12, 19 May, 2018
Motorcycle club brings awareness to critical need for blood donations
The Damaged Souls motorcycle club might seem like a tough and calloused crew, but on Saturday, the leather-wearing riders showed just how big their hearts are.

Seen on FOX 29, 19 May, 2018
Students build solution to serious issue with tiny homes
Nearly 24 thousand Texans are homeless, but Colby Guthrie, a senior at Construction Careers Academy said these tiny home built by students could be the start of something bigger.

Seen on KSAT 12, 20 May, 2018
Couple who lost daughter in Aurora theater shooting offers comfort to Santa Fe victims
“Part of our mission is to go to these mass shootings where there are survivors and to let them know what is ahead of them.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 21 may, 2018
Jim Furyk and a Recovering Addict Inspire at Haven for Hope Fundraiser
Haven for Hope and its many related programs have helped more than 10,000 people transition from homelessness into permanent or supportive housing.

Found on The National Civic League web site, 21 May, 2018
National Civic League named SA 2018 “All American City” finalist
SA leveraged civic engagement, collaboration, inclusiveness and innovation to successfully address local issues.

Found in the Rivard Report, 20 May, 2018
Domestic Violence Fatalities Draw Attention of City Officials
“This is not so much about funding shelters,” Nirenberg said. “It’s about how we as a city address domestic violence and whether we are getting at the root cause instead of just ensuring battered women [have somewhere to go].”

Seen on KSAT 12, 21 May, 2018
Cielo Gardens vital for refugee community
“Our gardeners are people who were removed from their countries of origin because of war and persecution. ”

Seen on KSAT 12, 21 May, 2018
Elementary students harvest vegetables grown as part of wellness class
The Las Palmas Elementary students created the garden as part of the school’s Learn, Grow, Eat program that operates with the help of personnel from the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.

Found in the Express-News, 21 May, 2018
San Antonio volunteer’s unique Girl Scout troop brings stability to homeless kids
“They benefit enormously from the all-girl leadership experiences, proven expert programming tailored specifically for girls, confidence-building, and sisterhood that Girl Scouts offers.”

Found in the Express-News, 21 May, 2018
Reagan student honored as ‘Texas student hero’
When she was in fifth grade, Sanchez founded Sam’s Covers, a nonprofit foundation that donates blankets and other comfort items like pajamas and socks to at-risk youth.

Found in the Rivard Report, 22 May, 2018
National Study Recognizes San Antonio’s Health Policy Initiatives
San Antonio is among nine cities nationwide – and the only one in Texas – to receive an overall silver medal for its policy efforts toward food safety, smoke-free indoor air, and availability of healthy food options.

Found (belatedly) on the Salud America! web site, 8 May, 2018
San Antonio Joins Effort to Connect Kids to Nature
Of the nation’s 100 most populated cities, San Antonio ranks 69th for their park system, according to the Trust for Public Land 2017 ParkScore Index.

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