Any of these will work in reducing COVID-19 transmission.


Read the below link in case you haven’t heard or need more detail clarity.

Read the above in case you need more detail clarity or haven’t heard.


Three (3) Ways you can help your self, those you love and many more San Antonians:

  1. Secure a face covering for yourself. Just like an oxygen mask on an airplane: You first.
  2. Next, those in your home with you. Consider making them. Google for many DIY options.
  3. Create more for many others! Check out who might need one in your neighborhood, your organization or congregation. Take some to your nearest food pantry to be handed out.

One more thing — the more San Antonians in this Action Alert auto-texting system the more we will be acting together in this crisis. Tell everyone you know to text Compassion to 55000 to opt in today.


We. Can. Do. This. Together!

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