One can only imagine, or maybe we’ve experienced it ourselves, what it must be like to pick up and go from home to an entirely new country. With children. Through borders. Bus stations. Airports. The unknown onward to another unknown.

Volunteers at the downtown bus station and at the SA airport aid in easing the uncertainties. Welcoming a stranger as another human being. Aiding in details with compassionate care.

Volunteers are needed today and at least into the very near future. Both at the bus station and airport. All times of the day. Volunteers are needed.

If you already belong to a volunteer organization that can help, give that organization a call ASAP.

If you are able to serve and don’t already have a place, volunteers are being routed through the SA Food Bank at

Point of Contact:
Erika Borrego at the Food Bank
(210) 857-3949

Thank you in advance for your committed service toward a more Compassionate San Antonio.

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