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Services provided/needs
American Gateways http://www.americangateways.org claudiag@americangateways.org Immigration legal services to detained parents. Know your rights presentations.

Need translators for documents. Need monetary donations.

Catholic Charities of San Antonio https://ccaosa.org/ info@ccosa.org Immigration legal services to detained parents. Know your rights presentations.
RAICES https://www.raicestexas.org/ donate@raicestexas.org Immigration legal services to detained children and parents.

Need donations for bond fund.

The Young Center https://www.theyoungcenter.org/ dsalgado@youngcenter.org Immigration legal services (guardian at litem) for detained children.

Need monetary donations.

Justice for Our Neighbors https://www.sarjfon.org/ revsuzanne4u@gmail.com Immigration legal services for parents.

Need monetary donations.

The Migrant Center for Human Rights https://migrantcenter.org/ sara.ramey@migrantcenter.org Immigration legal services for parents (especially for asylum seekers). Know your rights presentations.

Need translation services for documents. Need volunteer therapists, psychologists for court cases. Need volunteer pen pals and visitors.

Need monetary donations.

Interfaith Welcome Coalition http://interfaithwelcomecoalition.org/ sanantoniowelcome@gmail.com Accompaniment for immigrants traveling through San Antonio.

Need monetary donations to pay for backpacks: food, clothing, medicine, and other supplies provided to travelers at the bus station and airport.

Need volunteers to help guide people at the bus station and airport.

San Antonio Sanctuary Network moonbrand3@gmail.com Accompaniment for immigrants who need to go to the ICE office for check ins or need support at immigration court hearings.

Need volunteers to accompany immigrants.

CARA project http://caraprobono.org/donate/ Provide legal services to families detained in the Dilley, Texas detention center.

Need monetary donations. Need donations of supplies, personal items, books, and gifts for children. Amazon page is set up for donations from as low as $10.

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