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Inspiration: Poems

Poem: “Magnifying Mirrors,” by Judi Brown

I am getting too old for this for peering into a magnifying mirror whose sole mission is to bring into sharp focus each imperfection as though with a little care and attention I can achieve what passes for beauty as if growing old gracefully doesn't include age spots...

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Poem: “My Moral Life,” by Mark Halliday

Two years hence. When I'm ready. After one more set of poems about my beautiful confusion. After I've read Anna Karenina and Don Quixote and the first volume at least of Proust and one big novel by Thomas Mann— say three years. Three years hence: after I've written an...

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Poem: “Please Don’t,” by Tony Hoagland

Please don't tell the flowers, they think the sun loves them. The grass is under the same simple-minded impression about the rain, the fog, the dew. And when the wind blows, it feels so good they lose control of themselves and swobtoggle wildly around, bumping...

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Poem: “Fable,” by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The mountain and the squirrel Had a quarrel; And the former called the latter "Little Prig." Bun replied, "You are doubtless very big; But all sorts of things and weather Must be taken in together To make up a year And a sphere. And I think it's no disgrace To occupy...

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Poem: “Biscuit,” by Jane Kenyon

The dog has cleaned his bowl and his reward is a biscuit, which I put in his mouth like a priest offering the host. I can't bear that trusting face! He asks for bread, expects bread, and I in my power might have given him a stone.

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Poem: “Make Some Tea,” by Abol Froushan

In order to settle my appetite I’ll have the chocolate chip In order to stomach the cookie I’ll need to make some tea In order to have the tea I’ll put the kettle on and wait for the cooker to do its job In order to have the tea I’ll need to clear the teapot In order...

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Poem: “The Last Wolf,” by Mary TallMountain

The last wolf hurried toward me through the ruined city and I heard his baying echoes down the steep smashed warrens of Montgomery Street and past the ruby-crowned highrises left standing their lighted elevators useless Passing the flicking red and green of traffic...

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