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Background: Rosalyn was on fire when she read a column by the Archbishop about compassion towards the stranger in Today’s Catholic. She met with the chancellor and encouraged the archdio to submit the article to the Express-News (which they have done) and also to encourage congregations to pray the prayer of St. Francis, which they will do. I suggested that we print postcards with the St Francis prayer and distribute them; 1,000 are being printed and due to arrive 20 March (next Monday.)

The inevitable next step: Since we are an interfaith organization, why not print a series of interfaith postcards and release them — one a month — at the prayer vigil at Main Plaza that we are hosting (in partnership with the Interfaith Welcome Committee) on the 4th Thursday of every month from 6-7pm? So, this is them.They have not been sent to the printer yet and still need a little tidying up. 1,000 postcards will cost us about $50-$60 (depending on what kind of sale we can get at Vistaprint) so the series of seven postcards would cost at most $400. We have the money.

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