With only 10 days left to make a tangible impact in 2018, you might reflect on all that you have done to show compassion TO your neighbor and the people in your city.

Maybe you feel like you are ending this year with more to give and are WONDERING where the greatest needs are.  We get it!

Download our Alternative Giving Guide below and see how you can GIVE family, friends, and neighbors gifts of compassion that have a deep, lasting impact.

WE can be a part of something SO much bigger! Thank you for an AMAZING 2018.  Here is to a 2019 full of compassion-in-action!


Once you have made the amazing gift of compassion please download a free card for the recipient below:

backpack- Card

food_meals- Card

medications- Card

Socks- Card

utility bill- Card

Warm Clothes- Card

Diapers- Card

Backpacks- Card

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