We were inspired by something Angela Davis said: “Radical merely means grasping things at the root.”

Curious, we looked it up. The word radical ultimately comes from the Latin radix, meaning root. So does the word eradicate. And radish. Radish! Let’s be radishes!

We got into it. The photo above is from the University of Texas at San Antonio Civic Engagement Summit on February 9, where our new intern, C. Victor Herbin, Jr., handed all of our workshop participants a radish. (Vic is a PhD candidate in the Organizational Leadership program at the University of the Incarnate Word and is technically with us for a practicum, but we call him “the intern.”)

That’s what we do at Compassionate San Antonio: we dig deep, get our hands dirty Go deep, go deeper yet. Grasp things by the root. At least we try.

Technically, you could say that we are the harvesters of radishes rather than the radishes themselves, but that would be akin to quibbling over the difference between a practicum and an internship, Welcome, Victor! We’re glad you’ve joined our radical bunch (of radishes, that is . . . )

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