Read all of the below carefully.

  • Carefully discern your next action(s).
  • Intentionally share this information with every network & community.
  • Take immediate action based on the following

Warmth. Water. Food.

There are San Antonians, especially those unable to leave their homes, who require the most basic of these critical human needs.  Focus your efforts on what is most needed right now.

Think Global

As in, all of Our City. San Antonio. Bexar County.

Act Local

As in, the nearest to your own personal geography and/or the geography of your place of worship and prayer. Research clearly indicates that the most effective and efficient method to impact community need is to act as locally as possible in expanding concentric circles. Communicate in the same manner – local points of contact connected to expanding concentric circles of communication.

Organize 1-by-1 efforts

Start calling and/or walking door-to-door to discover and meet those needs. Call your lists, line-by-line, to discover and meet those needs.

Form teams

From within your community network who can do the 1-by-1 calling and/or walking above.

Open your doors – share heat

Smartly consider (during this time of COVID) how to safely provide and communicate that you have warmth at home and/or your place of prayer. Remember the COVID basics – wear masks, socially distance, wash hands frequently. Always.

Save and share food

If you have it, save it and share it with those in need.

Save and share water

If you have it, boil it, save it and share it with those in need.

Assess and share other resources

Do you have extra blankets? Warm clothing? Generators?

Point(s) of Contact

Be clear in the organizing of the above who to call and specifically about what. Make sure everyone has this clear information.

Area wide emergency resources

City of San Antonio Faith-Based Initiative
Daily news & needs updates by email.

Urgent Action Alerts via auto-texting with specific human & community needs with specific details.
On your phone, text COMPASSION to 55000.

SAFD Fire Safety

CPS Energy Outage Map

SAWS Outage Map

Road Closures

American Sign Language and Closed Captioned Alerts

City of San Antonio News Releases

VIA Service Alerts

Thank you for your commitment to Our City and Our Community, and to the compassionate care of all our San Antonio neighbors.

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