May we come together after so many bitter words and such division.

May our minds open to the experience and points of view of those who are not just like ourselves.

May we heal from sexism, racism, bigotry, and misunderstandings of all kinds.

May we have imagination enough to transform hate.

May we practice compassion, empathy, patience.

May we work together to steward the planet, the water, our benevolent institutions, our children, our future.

May we strengthen and expand a political process that excludes too many of us.

May the arc of the universe bend toward justice.

May kindness prevail. And decency.

May neighborliness take root—let’s get to know one another. Let’s find ways of living together without walls.

May we come to understand that we are multitudes, and that is a good thing.

May we nourish the seeds of peace in our interactions with one another, because how we speak to, and treat one another matters.

May we find our place, and do the real work that needs doing, and trust that we each have a role to play in creating a healthy, inclusive, resilient, beautiful society.

May hearts open, open, open, open, open, open, open, open, open wider than before.

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