You see this
This is what is in you
What makes you
What connects you
You are more than flesh and bone
More than blood and sinew
More than tendon and cartilage
You are forever
You are everything everywhere
All at once
You are universes and galaxies
Still undiscovered
You are star dust
Light and light and light
Even if you feel like a black hole
Even if you feel the world crumbling
Even if you feel the cold of void
Of evil
Of hatred
Of ignorance
They can not box you
They are rooted
In capitalism
In greed
In the lies of their own supremacy
They are dirt
nutrients stripped
You are seed
You are universe
You are power
You are the soul of the constellations
You are time without end
Infinite infinite infinite
You are creation
before creation
begetting creation
You are change
God is change
You are GOD
you forget this
Look to the heavens
See your destiny
“to take root among the stars.”
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