San Antonio Compassionate Institute 2020

Next Steps for Institute Fellows as Educators to Continue the Work

San Antonio First Among 450 Compassionate Cities Worldwide to
Integrate Systemic Compassion Into Schools and College/University Campuses

160 San Antonio Compassionate Institute Fellows, representing eighty-five percent of all San Antonio educational institutions (school districts, colleges/universities, charter schools, private schools, prison school district, Head Start, and Pre-K 4 SA) participated in an intensive 5-week 10-session virtual compassion integrity training program from the Center for Compassion, Integrity, and Secular Ethics at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. 

These Institute Fellows will be integrating and applying this compassion training in their classrooms and educational institutions over this coming academic year with continued support through facilitated monthly cohort meetings.

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on this compassionate systemic change in our community.

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Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the San Antonio City Council via City Resolution have partnered globally with the Charter for Compassion and 450 other Compassionate Cities. 

The Compassionate SA Resolution 2017 encourages us as residents and educators to “have all ages explore and teach compassion, based on the understanding that extensive research and resources validate the full spectrum of the benefits of compassion, from the bottom line of business to being a part of the human DNA.”  

“Compassionate Integrity Training has guided me to understand the difference between empathy and compassion. I have also learned skills that lead me to practice self-care, increase my awareness of our common humanity and appreciate our interdependence as I relate to others.”

Sally T. Gomez-Jung, MTS, MA
Professor Emerita, Oblate School of Theology


“We are keenly aware of what is at stake:  Families. Students. Careers. Community. Economic development. Shelter. Mental & physical health.  Literally life and death.  To only name a few within our collective futures. It is not only time to say STOP to the pain, harm and suffering - it is also time to say - There is a different way. Another path. And to do so on a collective scale.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg
City of San Antonio

Compassion impels us to dethrone ourselves from the center of our world and put another there, and to honor the inviolable sanctity of every single human being, treating everybody, without exception, with absolute justice, equity and respect.”

Charter for Compassion


“CIT has been a great way to connect people of faith and courage trying to foster compassion and peace in a world of tumult.  If more people could experience this the world would be a better place and we could help change the world.”

Pastor Julie Brenton Rowe
Chaplain, University Hospital


“The compassionate integrity training has helped me see the world with new eyes and to understand myself and others better.”

Dr. Sandra L. Guzman Foster
Assistant Professor,
University of the Incarnate Word


Rooted in a principled determination to transcend selfishness, compassion can break down political, dogmatic, ideological and religious boundaries.”

Charter for Compassion 

“Bullying. Polarization. Domestic violence. Suicide. Safety & security in schools, in homes, in the work place. Poverty. Homelessness. Disrespect. Volatile anger. Alienation. Viral concerns. 

It is time. Long past time to say stop!

Mayor Ron Nirenberg
City of San Antonio

Compassionate Integrity Training has taught me to see the world through the lens of compassion.”

Jacqueline Walter
Director, Center for Women in Church and Society, Our Lady of the Lake University

Compassionate Integrity Training has been like gentle rain helping seeds to break open and roots to grow within, bringing branches of hope, flowers of forgiveness, fruits of calm strength

Sister Martha Ann Kirk, Th.D.,
University of the Incarnate Word

Compassion in a School District of 90% Poverty.  The passion of the SAISD administration, teachers and staff has burst forth its compassion for our students and their families during this time of the coronavirus. SAISD has provided over 30,000 devices to our students to connect with their teachers for distance learning, along with up to 10,000 "Hot Spots" for those who have no internet connection.  In the light of food insecurity, the district is providing meals for students and children under children 18 and under. Compassion in action!"

Patti Radle, President
SAISD Board of Trustees

I have had the privilege of taking the Compassionate Integrity Course over the past 12 weeks. In addition to the internal work, the interaction with others has deeply enriched the experience. The CIT process of combining Reflective Writing, Mindful Dialogue and Contemplative Journal Questions really helps to make the concepts  of compassion for self and others and within larger systems a way of thinking and a way of being. I am deeply grateful for this experience."

Jan Olsen
Interfaith Welcome Coalition

Who are we? We're not Dallas, Houston, LA, Chicago -- and we don't want to be. We are San Antonians, San Antonianos. Open, collaborative, united, joyful, trusting and compassionate."

Lionel Sosa
2020 San Antonio Peace Laureate
CEO, Yes! Our Kids Can

“At this time of global shock and transformation, it is important that we be ready to approach the people in our community with empathy and compassion. This course helps to bring an awareness as to how we can go about this, in practical ways, in our day-to-day lives. Together we learn that we have agency and we can have a positive impact on our world."

Kerry McKeon
Graduate Research Assistant and PhD Student

“Compassion Integrity Training equips us to be more compassionate with ourselves, and others, building resiliency and awareness to those in the world around us.  The participant will receive practical instruction on how to move from the theoretical to making a real-world impact.  In these unprecedented times, this extraordinary training can equip us to effectively help others, while ensuring we stay emotionally in touch with the impact of the suffering we see, and experience."

Joe McKeon
Medical Director, Humana Military

San Antonio’s Compassionistas

What does compassion look like?

Also, all university and college educators are invited to a free workshop “Critical Thinking, Compassion, Paths to Civic Engagement” on August 11, 2020.

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