Once, a king’s army was going back after a battle. Their food supplies got finished. The king asked his soldiers to go to a nearby village and get the grains. Some soldiers and their commander entered the village and met a farmer. The commander asked him, “Dear farmer, can you lead us to this village’s largest field?”

He took them to a large field. The commander ordered his soldiers, “Cut and collect all the grains.” At this, the farmer got scared, He said, “Sir, come and I’ll show you another field.”

The soldiers went with him to a small field. They collected the grains from that field. The commander asked the farmer why he led them to this field. The farmer replied, “That field belongs to someone else. How could I let you destroy it? This is my field and here I can allow you to do, what I wish.”

The king learned of the farmer’s kind concern for others and paid him handsomely for his grains.

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