One day a priest’s one slipper fell into the river. The priest threw the other slipper into the water because he had no use for one slipper.

A man was bathing in the river. He saw the slipper and threw it on the bank. But the slipper hit a man who was carrying a pot of kheer on his head. The pot broke and the kheer spilled on the ground.

Suddenly a hawk swooped down and flew off with the slipper. As the hawk flew in the sky the slipper fell from his beak and into the plates of people who were eating in an open field.

In anger, they threw the slipper in the field. There, a man was busy milking a cow. The slipper went and hung on one of the cow’s horn. She started jumping around. The angry milkman threw the slipper into nearby house.

A man was sitting in the courtyard there. He saw the slipper. He was the priest the owner of the slipper. He thought, “My slipper has come back to me. The world is indeed round.”

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