November is National Adoption Awareness Month and San Antonio children are in need! Parents. Donations. Community. You.

You and your congregation and/or organization can become a part of the solution to the foster care crisis. Here are some specific ways:

Become a Foster Parent

Would you be surprised to learn that Bexar County has approximately 3500 children in foster care or that there are almost 600 waiting to be adopted? Each and every one of these children can benefit from being connected to loving and nurturing adults. Sometimes it takes a congregation to raise a child because helping youth in foster care and their families is a bigger job than state government alone can do.  Click here to get started.

Become a Mentor for those dozen-plus teens aging out every month in San Antonio

More than a dozen teens age out of foster care in our area every month. They need healthy connections in the community. They need to be connected even before they leave foster care. Perhaps you can become a mentor. Want to partner with an agency helping youth transition out of foster care? Partner with the THRU Project and begin mentoring local youth. Sign up at

Become a Wish Granter and show a child in foster care that they matter

You can become a wish granter and show a foster child or a child in need the hope and love they deserve…whatever you choose. You can grant wishes in Texas or any of the other 47 states they work in. Visit and get started today!

Handout and post the Donation Wishlist

Include the list in bulletins, newsletters, and e-news. Encourage youth and small groups to get involved. Share the wishlist freely with other compassionate congregations and organizations. Download the printable version and post it, distribute it, email it, share it anyway you like.


Share your unique talent

Sew? Knit? Mechanic? Carpenter? Own a business with items you can donate? Start using your talents to help children in foster care or donate services to families in need.

Contact for questions, ideas, story of your efforts:

Hope Shelton, Faith Specialist
Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

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