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City of San Antonio – Interfaith Based Initiative

The Interfaith Initiative’s Focus and Vision is:

“To facilitate relational collaboration, active partnerships and networked services between the San Antonio faith community, government agencies, non-profit organizations and community groups towards improving the lives of families and communities in need.”

The Initiative maintains a text based “Urgent SA Response List“.  The list is used to alert volunteers to urgent human needs or services that will benefit from a concerted and well-informed effort.  Text Compassion to 55000 to sign up.

Participation in The Initiative is voluntary. For more information and/or to sign up yourself, congregation or organization: Rev. Ann Helmke at 210.207.5036.

Official website – Department of Human Service – Faith Based Initiative

Recent Action Alerts:

End of Year Personal Budget Challenges Impact Vulnerable Families and Communities the hardest.

Higher heating bills and expenses. Lower income due to holiday closures in the service industry. Medical costs and lost wages due to illness that comes with colder weather. A rise in holiday stress, depression, and domestic violence. A depletion of...

Battered Women and Children’s Shelter Needs Winter Clothing Did you know that Bexar County has the highest rate of reported domestic violence per capita in Texas and one of the highest in the nation, according to the Battered Women and Children’s Shelter?  Right now,...

Socks needed NOW! A critical need to prevent loss of life and limb for SA homeless population.

The cold is COMING our city's homeless are not prepared.  Imagine waking up this morning after a cold and rainy night spent outside with a low of 47 degrees. This is the harsh reality for many in our homeless population, and it is only November.  There is a simple way...

Action Alert: San Antonio children and families in need of diapers to fill the widening gap affecting our city and state

October is Diaper Need Awareness Month  A lack of diapers poses a real problem for children and their families. It is a problem that is often overlooked- even though it is a basic need.  Did you know... 1 in 3 families lack access to clean diapers 2 million Texas...

Action Alert: Food shelves around San Antonio are empty.

  Due to high AC bills & children home for summer, food shelves around San Antonio are empty. The bad news? San Antonio Food Bank and local food pantry shelves have been decimated by the grueling utility bills of the hot summer months. Better news? We can take...
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