“The most dangerous, damaging infectious disease is hysteria.”

Mayor Nirenberg on coronavirus

So many community concerns. So many methods of communications.

What can be done? What needs exist? It all can be confusing.

How do we move forward with clarity? Together?

Action Alerts communicate clear responses to the most important human needs.
Action Alerts provide who-what-where-when specifics to meet those needs.
Action Alerts need YOU, need US.

What can be done in our homes & daily places when it comes to coronavirus?
Check out the CDC Resources for Households information.

Is there someone we can call for an update on COVID-19?
COVID hotline, 210-207-5779, M-F 8a-5p

How can we be prepared to meet future needs and spread clear messages?

  • Get friends and family members opted into Action Alerts: Have them text Compassion to 55000.
  • Invite colleagues and gatherings to take out their phones: Encourage them to text Compassion to 55000.
  • Put similar invitations into newsletters and monitors: Text Compassion to 55000.

Let’s all be clear. Let’s all be united. Let’s all be prepared.

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