“Religion isn’t about providing answers but about spurring questions;

it isn’t about providing answers telling us what to think and do,

but about providing resources for our thinking and doing.”

Hollis Phelps, Religion Dispatches

That cartoon and quote showed on on my Facebook wall the other day (thanks, Maureen Killoran) and it struck me that is EXACTLY what those of us working to have San Antonio recognized as a compassion city need to communicate. Compassion isn’t an answer: it’s a new and bold question.



The image above is another way of saying the same thing: compassion is a way of looking. What you see is up to you.

We need to emphasize this when we speak to folks about the compassionate city. It won’t force us to make decisions that are not right for us. There is no agenda. It’s a question, and an important one: is it compassionate? The question, not the answer.




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