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And Mike’s Dog Store on N. New Braunfels donated 1,200 pounds of dog food to the Foodbank!

Found on WOAI 4, 16 April, 2020
South Side man puts up box filled with masks and gloves to help community in crisis
As soon as they were up, three of the masks were gone. The following day, the box was empty.

Found in the Express-News, 16 April, 2020
We are calling on every San Antonian to keep our kids safe
If you notice anything that makes you concerned for a child’s well-being, please do not hesitate to call the Child Abuse Hotline, 1-800-252-5400, and make a confidential report.

Found in the Express-News, 16 April, 2020
Together, we keep Meals on Wheels rolling
Those served by Meals on Wheels are the unseen in our community, the isolated and homebound neighbors who have no one to turn to for help with the basics like a nutritious meal.

Seen on WOAI 4, 16 April, 2020
Local Christmas light show designer making intubating boxes for doctors on the front lines
“The machines, the computer software, the design process, everything is the same between creating commercial Christmas displays and creating these medical devices.”

Found in the Express-News, 16 April, 2020
Workers loading Food Bank’s 18-wheelers find fulfillment, fellowship as they prep for another massive giveaway in San Antonio
“I wear my (Food Bank) hat out in public, and people say, ‘You are doing a great job.’ All our guys are getting that.”

Found in the Express-News, 17 April, 2020
Stop moralizing bailouts, assistance to poor — not just in COVID-19 relief but in all assistance programs
“We’re now in a collective crisis, one for which morality tests seem particularly inappropriate. Does not a sinner deserve to eat? Or at least does not a child of a sinner deserve to eat?”

Found in the Rivard Report, 17 April, 2020
‘Juggling Chainsaws’: Metro Health’s Emerick on Starting a New Job Amid a Pandemic
“To some extent, as much as you plan there is still a lot of airplane-building you’re doing while already flying.”

Seen on KENS 5, 17 April, 2020
Restaurant owner provides meals to furloughed workers
When closures brought on by the coronavirus forced Third Coast Kitchens to cut their staff it didn’t mean they stopped caring about them.

Found in the Express-News, 17 April, 2020
Donations buoy S.A. Food Bank as thousands show up for latest mass giveaway
In order to qualify, families must claim a COVID-19 crisis-related hardship or be registered for a federal assistance program such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Found in the Express-News, 17 April, 2020
San Antonio Food Bank, Haven for Hope to receive Hearst Foundations aid
“These actions are being taken early in the crisis and in recognition of the critical and immediate need for the funds.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 17 April, 2020
Child Care Empowers Our Most Essential Workers
“We need to keep equity at the center of all recovery conversations and efforts and include child care as part of the recovery solution.”

Seen on WOAI 4, 17 April, 2020
Restore Education distributes 40 refurbished laptops to workforce training students
They currently have 900 students, with most of them struggling during the crisis.

Found in the Express-News, 18 April, 2020
Food Bank, Southside ISD find a way through storm
Many of the lower-income residents in the community depend on the school district’s food pantry.

Seen on WOAI 4, 17 April, 2020
Child Advocates of San Antonio virtually swear in more than 40 volunteers
Judge Sakai: “If there’s ever a time we need our community to step up for our abuse and neglected children, it’s now.”

Found in the Current, 17 April, 2020
San Antonio’s Alta Vista Neighborhood Unites with the Keep It Together Project
The simple signs feature messages of hope like “One Day at a Time/Una día a la vez,” “You Are Not Alone,” and “We Are All in This Together.”

Seen on KENS 5, 18 April, 2020
Woman donates several sewing machines to those making masks
She held a contest online to see who could use them most efficiently.

Seen on WOAI 4, 18 April 2020
Home Depot donates masks to Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
“During COVID-19, these masks will truly help our deputies and we greatly appreciate it,” said BCSO.

Found in the Express-News, 18 April, 2020
Health teams go door-to-door, educating still-open San Antonio businesses about coronavirus
“They were out to just go over how to keep us safe. They are on our side, they were trying to help us.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 19 April, 2020
Outreach Teams Target Vulnerable Neighborhoods with COVID-19 Awareness
The team targets its efforts further by using geographic data collected by the City’s COVID-19 Hotline and online self-screening tool, he said. “We want to reach the areas that don’t call … or aren’t being tested.”

Seen on WOAI 4, 20 April, 2020
Food truck owner gives out 4,000 free barbeque plates to hungry neighbors
It was part of the Feed the Community Challenge, where restaurant and food truck owners challenge each other to feed the community.

Found in the Express-News, 20 April, 2020
Giving has no limits, and happens in surprising ways
In my experience working with homeless and marginalized folks, it seems that often those who have the least need the least. And paradoxically, those who have the least are often the most generous.

Found on KENS 5, 20 April, 2020
The Frontline of Hope
San Antonio is an incredible community, and the COVID-19 pandemic is proving it again as neighbors help neighbors in inspiring ways.

Seen on KSAT 12, 20 April, 2020
Mental health, substance abuse needs for those overwhelmed rising
If you are finding trouble staying sober, or controlling your anger, seek immediate help through Bexar County’s Center of Health Care Services hotline number at 800-316-9241.

Vista en KVDA 60, 20 de abril 2020
Organizan distribuciones de alimentos para familias necesitadas [They organize food distributions for needy families]
La iniciativa es del Boys & Girls Club de San Antonio en colaboración con el banco de alimentos de la ciudad. [The initiative is from the Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio in collaboration with the city food bank.]

Found in the Express-News, 20 April, 2020
As Black Community Faces Undue Virus Impact, Town Hall Series Launched
“This [pandemic] just amplifies the inequities that were already there before.”

Seen on KENS 5, 20 April, 2020
One on one with Mayor Nirenberg as San Antonio grapples with coronavirus pandemic
“What gives me comfort is the common ground that [all faiths] share, which is the golden rule, being compassionate.”

Found in the Express-News, 21 April, 2020
City of San Antonio must pass its own stimulus package for those left behind
On Thursday, City Council will consider a proposal to tap nearly $16 million to expand a risk mitigation program to help residents stay in their homes.

Found in the Rivard Report, 21 April, 2020
Lack of Internet Access for Students Sparks Citywide Collaboration
The City’s Digital Inclusion Task Force, formed at the start of the stay-home measures to help deal with the digital divide, will continue to bring agencies together to work on the issue

Found in the Express-News, 21 April, 2020
In time of high stress, San Antonio Food Bank staff puts needs of community first
“It’s the courage of running toward a crisis when others run away. They know our city needs us. The Food Bank is built for this.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 22 April, 2020
Feed the Frontline SATX Helps Health Care Workers and Local Restaurants During Pandemic
Three weeks into her effort, she has helped feed emergency room workers and employees of the hospital’s two COVID-19 intensive care units more than 800 meals

Heard on Texas Public Radio, 21 April, 2020
Sikh Dharamsal Sets Massive Fundraising Goal For San Antonio Food Bank
“Seva is a concept in our faith of selfless service. Serving the underprivileged and the needy.” They have almost reached their $225,000 goal.

Found in the Current, 21 April, 2020
San Antonio’s Inequality Endangers Its Most Vulnerable Residents During the Coronavirus Crisis
Beyond having higher rates of higher rates of chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, black and Latino communities also tend to be uninsured at higher rates than Anglo populations.


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