Last Thursday, student volunteers from San Antonio College delivered groceries at their first Food Fair. Two hundred food insecure families drove to the Victory Center to receive groceries. Every Wednesday, Compassionate San Antonio brings you this weekly news roundup. Follow us on Twitter @compassionNET1 to read the events as they are reported, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #compassionateSA.

Found on KSAT 12, 14 July, 2018
San Antonio’s Catholic Charities volunteers prepare for immigrant family reunifications
They do not know when the first families are expected to arrive or how many will come. When they arrive, the goal is to invite them in as if they are family.

Visto en KWEX Univision 41, 14 Julio, 2018
Organización Caridades Católicas pide ayuda a la comunidad para ayudar a las familias reunificadas [Catholic Charities asks for help from the community to help reunified families]
Se espera que más de 100 familias sean reunificadas en San Antonio, por lo que esta organización pide ayuda para prestar ayuda humanitaria. [It is expected that more than 100 families will be reunited in San Antonio, so this organization asks for help in providing humanitarian aid.]

Also seen on Spectrum News, 15 July, 2018
Catholic Charities prepares command post for immigrant family reunifications
As of Sunday evening, Catholic Charities had not received any arrivals.

Found in the Express-News, 16 July, 2018
S.A. one of four U.S. cities assisting with immigrant family reunifications
“We’re paying for everything. Whatever it takes. We’ll find the money to do this.”

Found in the Express-News, 18 July, 2018
A trial run at immigrant family reunification is set to become a surge
“They don’t want to leave their country. They do it because they need to.”

Found in the Express-News, 11 July, 2018
A gift this San Antonio girl received while her sister was sick has inspired her to give back
She’s raising money with the aim of donating at least 50 teddy bears this year to children who accompany family to hospitals.

Found on FOX 29, 11 July, 2018
Port San Antonio visionary plan connecting kids and adults to more opportunity
@HarlandaleISD & @ssaisd summer campers “get to take home the drones they work on, the raspberry pi they built, the stuff they 3D print.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 12 July, 2018
SAC Builds One-Stop Center to Better Serve Veterans Returning to College
Annually SAC serves more than 3,000 student veterans and has been designated a Military Friendly School for several consecutive years.

Seen on KENS 5, 11 July, 2018
Catholic Charities reuniting immigrant families, taking donations to the border
“We have unsung heroes who do this day and night, every day without recognition. And that’s what we do. We do this for the people that we serve.”

Also seen on KSAT 12, 11 July, 2018
Migrant children being reunited with families in San Antonio
6 families reconnected within past 24 hours.

También se ve en KWEX Univision 41, 11 Julio, 2018
Organizaciones prestan ayuda humanitaria a los niños separados de sus padres [Organizations provide humanitarian aid to children separated from their parents]
La organización Caridades Católicas se prepara para llevar ayuda a los menores separados de sus padres que están en albergues. [Catholic Charities is preparing to bring help to children separated from their parents who are in shelters.]

Y visto en Telemundo 60, 11 Julio, 2018
Reúnen donaciones para inmigrantes indocumentados [Donations being collected for undocumented immigrants]
Caridades Católicas estará llevando los artículos recaudados a centros de detención. [Catholic Charities will be taking the items collected to detention centers.]

Seen on KSAT 12, 11 July 2018
Members of nonprofit dedicated to fighting sexual violence concerned about alarming statistics
The biggest weapon against those attacks is for families to educate their children at an early age about Consent, Boundaries, Respect of others & Communication skills.

Seen on FOX 29, 11 July, 2018
David’s Law being considered for revision to enhance compromised items
“When you are harassing, stalking and cyberbullying, baiting somebody to taking their own life – in many instances, it’s even more powerful than taking a gun to someone’s head.”

Found in the Express-News, 12 July, 2018
Massive new study review confirms nature nurtures your health
“The gardens show them that the foods they eat don’t spring naturally from the shelves at the grocery store,” explained Bryan Bayles, the Witte Museum’s curator of anthropology and health.

Seen on KSAT 12, 12 June, 2018
Macy’s donates $15,000 to SA Food Bank
The money was raised in March through Macy’s Bag Hunger campaign, where colleagues and customers come together to raise money to fight hunger.

Seen on FOX 29, 12 July, 2018
11-year-old cancer survivor uses birthday to pay it forward
Reid Smith asked his birthday party guests to bring a gift, not for him, but for the other patients at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

Seen on KSAT 12, 12 July, 2018
Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation: Injured, dying egrets increase in Brackenridge Park
“We have a responsibility to help protect these birds.”

Seen on KSAT 12, 12 July, 2018
Sports nonprofit helps young runners realize importance of physical fitness
Run SA Youth aims to give children ages 5 to 12 access to safe, supervised run workouts in hopes of encouraging physical activity and wellness.

Seen on KSAT 12, 12 July, 2018
City of San Antonio interns volunteer in community service projects
“They’re learning about giving back to the community.”

Seen on FOX 29, 12 July 2018
San Antonio man who gave away money in Redbox movies revealed
Strangers at Walmart, the bus stop, window washers outside restaurants–even single moms with kids shopping at HEB & random Redbox customers received money along with a note of kind words.

Seen on FOX 29, 12 July, 2018
Anti-graffiti crusader working to clean up city, one tag at a time
“I saw that you can actually pick up a paint and safe wipes and all these other tools to just take care of it yourself if you can.”

Seen on KENS 5, 12 July, 2018
BCSO deputy uses music to bond with the community
“We have to be an example for others, always be sure and do the right thing and reach out to the community in love.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 13 July, 2018
Patti and Rod Radle: ‘Building a Family’ Out of a West Side Community
“There are a lot of people who want to give and be involved as long as they are invited to get involved. So we give them the opportunity,” said Rod.

Seen in the Express-News, 13 July, 2018
Agency braces for S.A. reunion surge of 400 families
The agency needs cash, donations of bottled water, non-perishable food, clothing for all ages and reusable bags. The agency also needs volunteers for its hotline, “preserving families in crisis,” an online registration effort.

Seen on KSAT 12, 13 Jul, 2018
SA researchers seek interview subjects for ‘resiliency’ study in LGBTQ community
“They talk a lot about how faith and family are really important for giving them strength and also the role of community.”

Seen on WOAI New4SA, 13 July, 2018
New event aimed at empowering disabled voters coming to San Antonio
“There’s a big push to get more people to the polls and include everybody, so that everybody has a voice.”

Seen on WOAI New4SA, 11 July, 2018
Henry Cisneros gives tour of inequality crisis and hope for affordable housing
If you don’t have a decent place to live then most of the rest of your life is gonna be dysfunctional.”

Seen on KSAT 12, 13 July, 2018
Group makes quilts for deserving veterans
Service to those who have served us demonstrates the love and compassion within the South Texas community.

Seen on WOAI 4, 13 July, 2018
News 4’s Hannah Trippett shares her depression battle
“There are people out there who have made it their entire career to help you and they are just a phone call away.”

Seen in the Rivard Report, 13 July, 2018
SA Nonprofit Aims to Stop Stuffing Landfills With Mattress Waste
Re-Mat also will focus on providing a living wage – around $12 an hour – to workers who struggle to find employment, such the homeless or people just leaving prison.

Seen on KSAT 12, 15 July 2018
Annual spaghetti dinner raises $100K for families of fallen first responders
Volunteers served more than 7,000 spaghetti plates on Saturday and Sunday at the Christopher Columbus Italian Society banquet hall downtown.

Also seen on FOX 29, 15 July, 2018
Annual spaghetti dinner benefits children of fallen first responders
Since 1973 the 100 Club of San Antonio has provided financial assistance to families of fallen first responders, along with assistance with higher education.

Found in the Express-News, 16 July, 2018
Commissioner Tommy Calvert fights for affordable housing on East Side
I’m still an activist, fundamentally, in terms of how I want to work to get things done, but now I am an activist that is in the business of governance.”

Seen on KENS 5, 16 July, 2018
SA girl selling shirts to fight against bullying
Raz Sink, 11, has spent the last two years pushing her campaign, “Bullying Stops Today,” after bullies targeted her in fourth grade.

Seen on KSAT 12, 15 July, 2018
Mother-daughter duo helping reunite families separated at border
“We are doing out best to make sure it’s a smooth process, a very caring and dignified process for every single person involved.”

Visto en KWEX Univision 41, 14 Julio, 2018
Organizaciones y autoridades de San Antonio buscan reincorporar a la sociedad a las personas sin hogar [San Antonio Organizations and authorities seek to reincorporate people without homes into society]
En un evento especial, los indigentes recibieron comida, un cambio de ropa y oportunidades para reintegrarse a la comunidad. }In a special event, the homeless received food, a change of clothes and opportunities to reintegrate into the community.]

Also seen on Spectrum News, 16 July, 2018
Nonprofit holds ‘Hope Rally’ to highlight services for homeless
Last year 2,700 people were considered homeless in Bexar County.

Seen on FOX 29, 16 July, 2018
Officers recognized for intervening and stopping suicide attempts
Both men survived because the police officers listened. The officers credit the training they got from the Crisis Intervention Team.

Also seen on KSAT 12, 16 July, 2018
Officers who talked man down from Transguide sign among 4 recognized
The training coordinator for the San Antonio Police Department’s Mental Health Unit said that listening to the thoughts and feelings of a person in crisis is key to helping them.

Found on WOAI 4, 16 July, 2018
New Crisis Stabilization Unit opens in San Antonio
The CSU was made possible through a state grant awarded to the Center for Health Care Services with a focus on keeping people with mental illness out of jail.

Found in the Texas Tribune, 16 July, 2018
Parents love San Antonio’s preschool program. But soon, voters could weigh in on its fate
“Pre-K 4 SA modeled for me what a compassionate and loving response is when a family or student is learning to adapt to what could be life long academic challenges.”

Found in the Christian Science Monitor, 16 July, 2018
Career-themed schools in San Antonio tackle job skills – and inequality
Studies show that kids of every income level thrive academically and socially in economically integrated schools.

Found in the Express-News, 17 July, 2018
Beto O’Rourke and Will Hurd road trip wins them ‘Civility in Public Life’ award
“Their spontaneous demonstration of civility restored hope for many who have forgotten that political adversaries can discuss difficult issues with respect and civility, and that partisan jousting does not require demonization — and even can be engaged with joy,”

Found in the Express-News, 17 July, 2018
Local group covering San Antonio in art, 1 rock at a time
“We always say it’s just about kindness.”

Found on WOAI 4, 17 July, 2018
ACs for SA kicks off to help beat the heat
Meals on wheels is playing a huge part in this program by identifying people that they see need help when they’re making their food deliveries daily.

Seen on KENS 5, 17 July, 2018
Talented SA chess master passing on his love of the game to kids

Seen on Spectrum News, 17 July, 2018
Cooling centers now available in San Antonio
To get those extended hours the temperatures has to reach 103 degrees or the heat index value must be 108.

Found on Texas Public Radio, July 15, 2018
Feeling Anxious? You’re Not Alone
Mindfulness & self compassion are two tools to cope with anxiety.

Found in the Current, 18 July, 2018
San Antonio Schools Are Still Segregated – By Income As Much As Race
The effects of segregation are “less about hoarding resources in one place, and more about comfortableness with and acclimation to the fact that there are children who have to do with less,” Bernal said.


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