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Found on KENS 5, 27 March, 2019
SAMMinistries working to end childhood homelessness, break cycle of poverty in San Antonio
The organization helps more than 2,000 children every year.

Seen on KSAT 12, 27 March, 2019
BCSO liaison program bridging the gap between law enforcement, LGBTQ community
“We want to make sure they feel safe just as any other part of the community.”

Seen on KSAT 12, 28 March, 2019
Big Give 2019 aims to raise money for local nonprofits
More than $20 million has been donated to over 2,000 nonprofits through the Big Give over the past five years, making it one of the most successful giving days in the country.

Seen on WOAI 4, 28 March, 2019
Why Manu is so beloved
To Manu, we weren’t “the media” and you weren’t just fans, but people, individuals. Which he wanted to interact with, one-on-one. He connected with us as if he were our neighbor, postman or friend.

Heard on Texas Public Radio, 28 March, 2019
Casa Mia Keeps Families Together Through Recovery From Opioid Addiction
More babies are born with substance-addiction problems in Bexar County than any other Texas county.

Seen on KENS 5, 28 March, 2019
Local author shares memories of woman fatally shot by SAPD sergeant
“She was a real person. And her life had value. I just would like people to remember that next time they turn on their news and they see someone died.”

Seen on KWEX 41, 29 March, 2019
Familias migrantes continúan llegan a San Antonio tras ser liberados de centros de detención [Migrant families continue to arrive in San Antonio after being released from detention centers]
Organizaciones como Caridades Católicas y autoridades locales se acercan a la central de autobuses para ofrecer ayuda y asesoría a las personas. [Organizations such as Catholic Charities and local authorities approach the bus station to offer help and advice to people.]

Found in the Express-News, 30 March, 2019
Tejano statesman Navarro railed against intolerant Know-Nothings in San Antonio and Texas
“Let us discard all prior distinctions of foreignness. Let us forget ignoble jealousies of old nationalities. We live here; our firesides are here.”

Found in the Express-News, 30 March, 2019
Golden Rule to be held up as a shining example
#BeGolden will enlist ambassadors to remind us of the de facto treaty we humans sign onto but often forget: “Do unto others. All others.”

Seen on WOAI 4, 29 March, 2019
Alternative course work helps NISD high school students live their dream
“They leave here with their heads held high, we set them up for success, we love on them, we get to know them, they’re not just a student number.”

Found in the Express-News, 31 March, 2019
Baptist Temple Church honored with #compassionateSA Award
It recently completed the first phase of an inclusive playground featuring accessible playscapes suitable for children 2 and younger. The playground will enable special needs children and children with typical abilities to play together.

Heard on Texas Public Radio, 29 March, 2019
Rudy Ruiz Asks Readers To ‘Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes For A Few Pages’
“If you can get someone to walk in someone else’s shoes for a few pages, then maybe you can get them to see an issue differently.”

Found in La Prensa Texas, 29 March, 2019
Commissioners Court Recognizing Judge Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez
The presiding judge of Bexar County Court at Law No. 13 is aware that the most dangerous places in our city can exist in the home.

Found in the Express-News, 31 March, 2019
Guide dog trainers and their pups come to San Antonio
Madison High School is one of only three high schools in Texas that has a Guide Dogs for the Blind club. Students are training 36 puppies.

Found in the Express-News, 30 March, 2019
Spring Siclovia turns streets into “community playtime”
“It’s community playtime, and I think we need more of that to bring people together.”

Found in the Express-News, 31 March, 2019
War, peace begin in our homes, have global implications
We can see compassion growing in our city. Now more than ever, a friend, neighbor, relative, co-worker or even a stranger is more apt to get involved on behalf of someone who’s living with violence.

Seen on KENS 5, 31 March, 2019
Church donates $2,000 worth of shoes for ‘Soles4Souls’ campaign
“We feel that we want to be the funnel to bless others.”

Found in The Heron, 1 April 2019
‘Interwoven’ shines a light on one of San Antonio’s lesser known communities
“My goal was to express support and fellowship to those different cultures that now reside (here) and are part of the larger San Antonio community, especially those that might not have a powerful presence or voice in the community.”

Heard on Texas Public Radio, 1 April, 2019
Migrants Sent To San Antonio Welcomed With Open Arms And Open Hearts
The number was so large that for the first time the City of San Antonio opened a pop-up immigration resource center in an empty store front across the street from the Greyhound Bus station.

Found in the Express-News, 1 April, 2019
Classic Theatre joins national series of ‘Twelve Angry Men’ readings
One of main ideas of the play, which follows jury deliberations on a murder trial, is that a single voice can make a big difference.

Seen on KSAT 12, 1 April, 2019
Ride for Reading cyclists deliver books on bikes to local elementary schools
The nonprofit collects book donations through company book drives and word of mouth. During their monthly rides, they load up their backpacks and bike baskets with books to deliver to local Title I schools.

Found in the Rivard Report, 1 April, 2019
City, County Introduce Committee Dedicated to Accurate 2020 Census Count
The populations at risk for an undercount include racial and ethnic minorities, homeless people, undocumented people, adults ages 18 to 24, and children under 5 years of age.

Seen on KENS 5, 1 April, 2019
92-year-old WWII veteran walks to hospital to volunteer, hand out cookies
Harvey Terrill has made it his mission to volunteer at a San Antonio hospital, where he’s served 25,000 hours and saved them half a million dollars.

Found on KENS 5, 1 April, 2019
City of San Antonio opens resource center for the influx of migrants
Using a vacant building owned by the city, the Department of Human Services set up shop across the street from the bus station.

Heard on Texas Public Radio, 1 April, 2019
City of San Antonio Opens Pop-Up Immigration Center to Aid Asylum Seekers Flooding Bus Station
“We’ve had a lot of people coming in late Thursday night, late Friday night. And our non-profit partners were just stretched beyond their abilities.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 3 April, 2019
City Steps in to Help as More Asylum Seekers Head to San Antonio
“We have a medical integrated health unit going into the resource center twice a day, just to do a little medical check-in, to see if anybody has any medical concerns.”

Found in the Express-News, 1 April, 2019
City jumps in to help shelter migrants
The city is aiding Catholic Charities and the Interfaith Welcome Coalition in what it calls “surge support.” “We have things for kids to do and eat and wear,” said Colleen Bridger, the interim assistant city manager, above the chatter of children and the ripping sound of multiple bags of chips opening up. “It’s a safe place to wait until their bus is here.”

Seen on KSAT 12, 1 April, 2019
Courthouse rally kicks off Child Abuse Awareness Month
“All of us care and have compassion and need to connect, and that’s what I challenge all of us to do,” said District Judge Peter Sakai.

Seen on WOAI 4, 1 April, 2019
Spurs to open Sensory Room in celebration of World Autism Awareness Day
The room, designed by nonprofit KultureCity, is located outside of Section 230 on the Balcony Level and will be an oasis for guests at any event in the AT&T Center with sensory needs or sensory-processing issues such as Autism, PTSD, dementia, or anxiety.

Found in the Express-News, 2 April, 2019
GLO trying to thwart Native Americans cemetery at the Alamo
“If Davy Crockett were buried there, wouldn’t you think this would be different?”

Found in San Antonio Magazine, April, 2019
Repair through Relationship
Nonprofit Ransomed Life works to support young women impacted by sex trafficking. “It’s the mentor’s goal to walk through life with them—whatever that looks like at the time.”

Seen on KENS 5, 1 April, 2019
San Antonio teacher helps students through daily meditation
In Ms. Brame-Paris’ second-grade class at Hawthorne Academy, it’s light’s off, eyes closed and positive vibes only.

Found in the St. Mary’s University Blue & Gold Magazine, 12 March, 2019
Law student launches workshop for adults with disabilities and their families
In 2015, Texas became the first state to recognize supported decision-making agreements, or SDMAs, which allow a person with disabilities to appoint a supporter — a parent, usually — who can take part in the person’s life, legally.

Found on KSAT 12, 2 April, 2019
Pothole Patrol ready for action
City sets goal of repairing 10,000 potholes in April. ” We want our streets to be safe.”

Found in the Rivard Report, 3 April, 2019
Valero Texas Open’s Growing Charitable Efforts Impact San Antonians
The money raised through contests, entry fees, and basic donations from individuals and organizations benefits more than 500 charities across South Texas and nationwide.


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