Four pilgrims gathered together to travel to India: a Persian, a Turk, a Greek and an Arab. The four pilgrims were resting by the shore of a river when there passed by a religious man, who, seeing that they were pilgrims, offered them some rupees so that they could get breakfast.

When the man had departed, the Persian said: “With this money I am going to buy angur so that we all can eat”. The Turk protested: “No way, we will buy unzum”, but the Greek replied bluntly: “Nothing of that; we’ll buy stafyllia”, while the Arab intervened to affirm: “We’re going to buy inab”.

At that moment all started to argue and even exasperated they turned to hit each other. But other peaceful pilgrim passed by there and tried to appease ad reconcile them. “What is going on among you, good friends?” When they explained to him what’s happening, the man said: “Give me your money. I will go to the marketplace and will satisfy all of you.” He departed and, a little later, came back bringing a package with great amount of grapes. When the Persian saw them he exclaimed: “My angur!”, and the Turk: “My unzum!”, and the Greek: “My stafyllia!”, and the Arab: “My inab!”

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