Recent court decision ordered the release of children held in immigration custody due to risk of COVID. Several families are being released this weekend including pregnant women. They need to stay in SA for a short period of time before making the final leg of their journey to their final destination.

Please text today if you can help in any of the ways listed below, or have further questions:

Jo Pendleton, Interfaith Welcome Coalition

Moon Brand, Interfaith Welcome Coalition

These are the specific needs

Offering an unused space in your buildings as a quarantine site along with a team of caretakers who would, with necessary social distancing, set up the space with supplies and support a family for 14 days.

Making a donation to the Interfaith Welcome Coalition for the purpose of paying for a hotel room to quarantine a family.

Reaching out to your congregation or organizations to ask for volunteers to become a support team at another location.

Polling your own networks to identify unused spaces that could be used as a quarantine site to be supported by a separate team.

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