Walking down the road
minding his own business,
he felt all was right
with the world

But then
the skies grew dark
Thick clouds rolled in
casting shadows
where the sun had been
A rain drop fell,
landed on his cheek, and
he heard a small voice cry out from
a church in Texas
Another drop landed on his other cheek,
he heard another small voice cry out from
a classroom in Connecticut
Another raindrop,
a voice cried out from a concert in Nevada
then another from a nightclub in Florida
and another from a theater in Colorado
Yet another drop, another cry from
a church in South Carolina
another drop
another voice
another drop
another cry
and another
and another

Raindrops soaked his skin
Cries drowned out his own
He fell to his knees
praying for it all to stop

the clouds cleared
The sun came back,
bright and cheerful
He stood,
sighed with relief
and continued on his way
feeling all was right
with the world
The cries in the raindrops, once again,
merely a vague memory

just over the horizon,
more clouds wait…

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