In order to settle my appetite
I’ll have the chocolate chip
In order to stomach the cookie
I’ll need to make some tea
In order to have the tea
I’ll put the kettle on
and wait for the cooker to do its job
In order to have the tea
I’ll need to clear the teapot
In order to bin the teabag
I need a lined bin
In order to line the bin
I’ll use a plastic bag
In order to bin the bag
I need to move the door the bin’s behind
I don’t want it to shut
So get carried further and further
Away from settling my appetite

I bin the soggy bags
Drain the dregs
Throw in the teabag
And out the kettle
The boiling water
Then I am struck
by this!
A karmic chain
That enfolds
And unrolls my thought
While the tea like the universe
Is going cold
Now the water’s boiled
Like the big bang
After waiting
Now I am as far from the original chocolate-chip cookie
As the original Adam.

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