how can I be in the present
when I need two hands to twitter and tweet
when world events are everywhere all the time

above below under inside outside
slithering through
ear buds flat screens cell phones

and I miss the exact second the rose
opens its red lips or the dramatic entrance
of the lilac’s perfume as it catches a ride
on the back of a spring breeze
and floats through my open window

how can I listen to my breath
move in move out move in move out

through the rumbles of cement trucks
bells and whistles of garbage trucks
siren songs ring tones doorbells
computer music and twitches

how can I possibly be
in the moment
when the world is so

in my face
in my ears
in my rooms
in my yard
swallowing this
moment and
the next and next and next?

how in this world do I let go
of all the cacophonous chaos

practice practice practice

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