A camel lived in a forest. He had a very bad habit of teasing or insulting other animals for their appearance. He would tease the elephant and say, “Oh! How fat and ugly you look. God has given two tails one in the back and one in the front.”

To the rhinoceros, he would comment, “All animals have two horns and you are queer-looking with just one horn on your nose.”

When he would meet the zebra, he would always comment, “Ah! Here you are with crooked black lines all over you. What is the use of them anyway?”

All the animals felt bad at this. One day, a frank monkey met the camel and said, “Oh! Mr. Camel! Where are you going with that ugly hunch on your back?

Look at your long and crooked neck on such a small body. What do you do with such a long neck?”

The camel felt hurt at such words. He learned a lesson. Now he knew how the others felt at his comments. So he stopped that bad habit from that day itself.

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