Imagine arriving to a new place.


Nothing but the clothes on your back.
Not speaking the native language.
Not really sure of your next steps.
There’s one more thing… you have your whole family with you. 

This is the harsh reality for immigrants arriving from the detention centers in Dilley and Karnes City to the San Antonio Greyhound Bus Terminal and San Antonio International Airport.  Thankfully,  Interfaith Welcome Coalition volunteers are on hand to assist them.


You can help in three ways:


1. Volunteer

IWC volunteers explain the travel process each family is about to embark upon and provide information about their rights, ICE check-in appointments, and how to get information on court dates. Families are warned of the dangers of traffickers they may encounter during their journey and are provided with information on the trafficking hotline and how to get help. Box lunches and backpacks containing supplies needed for the journey are provided before departure.

Training for volunteers is provided. Contact to volunteer.


2. Donate

The IWC provides backpacks filled with supplies needed by families as they begin their journey across the US to loved ones. A donation of $25 will help fill one backpack. A donation of $100 will help fill four backpacks. Donate here.


3. Learn

The IWC provides presentations on experiences and situations of immigrant families that can be shared with your congregation to help you decide how you can be involved in this outreach.


Contact Sister Denise LaRock to volunteer, donate and learn more:
(443) 602-5801


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